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We offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial clients!

Tree Pruning

Pruning is essential to the health of your tree. Here are a few main reasons to prune your tree: Reduce risk of failure from dead or weak branches, Provide clearance, Reduce shade and wind resistance, Manage tree health, Manage flower or fruit production, Improve aesthetics, Improve tree structure, and Save a storm-damaged tree.

We DO NOT use spikes to prune your trees!

Have you ever noticed other tree services using tree climbing spikes while pruning a tree? Tree climbing spikes are sharp steel spikes that workers attach to their legs and stab into the tree trunk to give themselves leverage to climb up and down a tree. Puncture holes created by spikes cause a certain amount of tree tissue death and over time with repeated use, can actually kill your tree! The use of spikes can also transfer diseases to your healthy tree and cause increased vulnerability for insect infestation. In addition to various health concerns, the holes that spikes leave are just plain unsightly. True professional tree care services avoid using spikes at all costs. However, it is no secret that many tree services out there still use spikes to prune trees, either because they are uneducated in the matter or are trying to save time by cutting corners at your tree's expense! This is why hiring the right tree service is essential to not only saving you valuable time and money, but also saving your tree's life!

Tree Removal

While I do everything I can to revitalize or save trees, unfortunately there are some situations where trees are just too damaged to heal. When that’s the case, you can count on me to remove your tree in a safe and efficient manner with little disturbance to your property. Dead trees lack the ability to support themselves, so it is important to have them removed quickly to ensure the safety of your property and family.

Stump Grinding

Do you have one or more unsightly stumps on your property? Perhaps you’ve recently had a tree removed or maybe you’ve had an existing stump on your lawn for years and are now looking to update your landscaping. There are many good reasons to remove a tree stump, but the most common are to improve the aesthetics of your landscaping, protect your home’s pipes or sewage lines, and prevent lawn decay or pest infestation. Whatever the reason, call me today and I can remove that unsightly stump in no time!

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Tree Treatment Programs

Have you noticed a decline in your trees health? You may have noticed discolored leaves, holes in the bark, or other unsightly characteristics. This may be the sign of a disease and or insect infestation. Don’t worry, I am here to help diagnose and treat your tree in order to restore it back to health and get it looking better and healthier than ever before.

Crane Services

In addition to traditional tree pruning and removal techniques, I also offer crane services. This powerful tool reduces the amount of time needed to get the job done while also decreasing the impact to your property. Our crane operators focus on both safety and efficiency to ensure that clients receive quality services for an affordable price.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight. Failure of a large branch or trunk can result in property damage, personal injury, or the decline of a tree’s health. Cabling or bracing can help protect and improve the structural integrity of trees. Weak limbs are not always obvious, so please contact me today to assess your trees and identify particular weak points that may need tree cabling and bracing.

Emergency Tree Services

Sometimes life can be unpredictable, and that is no different when it comes to your trees. Whether your tree has suddenly fallen from a storm, a limb has fell on your house, or whatever the emergency may be, you can count on me to help you when you need it the most. During an emergency, I take quick action to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action to ensure that you and your family are protected.

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